Characters, family members and simple logos are welcome


All Commissions are digital

How to get started

Reach me at or DM me on Instagram @ PMAYXART Or the contact box below. Send me a clear description of what you would like to have created. PLEASE DO NOT BE VAGUE!!! Vague descriptions will be declined. Reference material, research material, sketches and photos of the individual/s you'd like to have depicted in the artwork need to be sent to me via email. If describing over the phone or videocall is better that can be arranged. 

Who owns the rights to the artwork? 

I own all the rights to any artwork I produce unless an agreement is reached and the rights are paid for. Generally, exclusive rights to an illustration will cost double the agreed upon price for individuals, contracts must be drafted for larger entities.

Is NSFW or Nudity ok? 

Full nudity no, but tasteful nude and suggestive artwork is fine. No sex scenes or sex acts.

Revision Policy

Revisions are a case by case basis. The client must provide a clear thought description of what they are wanting. Progress from the beginning stages will be shown periodically. After the sketch has been finalized from that point forward, within reason, revisions will be $25 each.


To start a deposit of 50% must be paid by Cashapp or Paypal. The remaining 50% must be paid upon completion before the files will be sent via email.

How long will my commission take to be completed?

Commissions can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months to complete depending on multiple factors (how many other commissions I have to work on at the time, where you happen to be in the queue, how much personal work needs to be done) so I ask for all commissioners to be understanding and patient! Art, unlike other forms of contracted work, cannot be forced. Especially if you'd like to receive a quality end result.



Price starts at $200+




Price $100+

Cleaned up sketches with varying amounts of grays, gradients, hatching, color or screentones depending on your preference. Additional characters +$25 each.




Price $175-$200+

Full color drawing generally from the shoulder up. Additional characters +$25 each. 




Price $250-$300

Full color drawing generally from the waist or thigh up.  Additional characters +$50 each.




Price $300+

A full-body full color drawing from head to toe in various poses, settings and subject matter. Additional characters +$50 each.





Price $600+

A fully rendered scene with at least a character and a dense background. Additional characters +$50 each.



Character design

Price $1000+

A fully created original character, full color, with turnaround.